Upgrade of “Pechora” air defense system to “Pechora-2M” will increase its service life by 10 years, said Colonel-General Nikolay Dimidyuk, director of special commissions, head of “Rosoboronexport” delegation at the 10 th Exhibition and conference “Defense Services Asia” (DSA 2006).

“Variant of “Pechora” upgrade realized by “Oboronitelnye Sistemy” (Defense systems) interstate financial and industrial group is a very good one. Demo range practice of “Pechora-2M” air defense system carried out at Kapustin Yar shooting ground for foreign buyers showed excellent results,” he said.  

As we know at the moment “Oboronitelnye Sistemy” started the second stage of the contract with Egypt on upgrade of S-125 “Pechora” air defense system to “Pechora-2M” version. According to Mr.Vladimir Tsezarov, Deputy General Director of the company, under Russian-Egyptian contract which is divided into three stages, 30 battalions of Egyptian “Pechora” air defense systems, 4 launching systems in each, will be gradually upgraded. The first stage of the contract which includes upgrade and delivery of 10 “Pechora-2M” battalions is half-finished. This stage will be finished by the end of year 2006. Under conditions of the second stage, another 10 battalions with 4 launching systems in each will be upgraded. Besides that, Egypt will get unique EMI shielding complex that will provide screening of “Pechora-2M” from anti-radar missiles.

Egyptian contract on upgrade of S-125 “Pechora” air defense system to “Pechora-2M” is a pilot project of “Oboronitelnye Sistemy” at the world market. At the moment “Oboronitelnye Sistemy” is planning to increase export volume of “Pechora-2M” air defense systems. In particular, the company is waiting for new proposals from India concerning technical requirements to this system. It is possible that India will announce a new tender.

According to ARMS-TASS, in 2005 Russian-Indian negotiation process concerning upgrade of S-125 “Pechora” air defense system to “Pechora-2M” variant stagnated. Indian party rejected variants proposed by Russia and Poland. Nevertheless, Indian armed forces command did not give up the plans of upgrading S-125 as in arsenal there are around 60 S-125 “Pechora” systems that need to be upgraded.

The idea of Indian military men is that they want to get the final variant of the system in accordance with technical requirements without signing the contract itself. While “Oboronitelnye Sistemy” insists that only after signing of the contract, final customization of upgraded S-125 “Pechora” system in accordance with the requirements of the buyer shall be performed. Even though “Pechora-2M” is produced serially, it is not a standardized system and it is always customized in accordance with the requirements of the buyer, in this case of Indian military men. In Russia “Pechora-2M” program is carried out with active support of “Rosoboronexport”.

As Mr. Tsezarov has noted, Vietnam may become a perspective partner as this country is also in need of upgrading S-125 air defense systems that are in arsenal of Vietnam. In due course this country acquired around 40 battalions of S-125. Libya and Syria have also forwarded their queries on commercial proposal concerning upgrade of “Pechora” air defense system.

Upon the whole according to Mr. Tsezarov, “there is an interest in “Pechora-2M” and this is a natural process as the situation is complicated by the fact that service life of S-125 systems is running out. In due course S-125 “Pechora” air defense system was delivered to 35 countries, including CIS countries the number rises up to 42. In Latin America “Pechora” was delivered to Peru and Cuba.

“Pechora-2M” may be of interest even for those countries that has not bought S-125 “Pechora” systems before, the more so that this system is very cost-effective, says Mr. Tsezarov.

In his opinion, taking into consideration the fact that financial resources assigned for military purposes in the most countries are limited, it is quite possible that they will show interest in upgraded “Pechora-2M” air defense system.




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